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Realtor Discount: How To Get $25 Off

We already offer realistic prices for our quality services, but we send out additional discounts during the year to say ‘thank you’ to our realtor clients.

Grass Greening beats seasonal yard sadness

Lush lawns keep curb appeal alive!
It’s no secret that a well-kept lawn is a big boost for curb appeal. Beyond just looking nice, green grass on the front lawn keeps the focus of the all-important curb appeal shot on the house itself.

Our digital Green Grass* service starts at just $29 for 10 images. Our expert processing team makes it happen, and it looks 100% natural — it’s the same grass, just beautifully green!

These days, people start their homebuying journey online. When potential clients come across your name on the web, make sure they see professional, compelling images. If they see you going that extra mile for your previous clients, they know how much you’ll invest in them!

Greening your bottom line
The bottom line is, more positive attention for your listings means a faster closing and higher closing price. Digital grass greening, just like a Blue Sky Drop-In, is a minimal investment with big returns for your profits and your brand.

Here a few more examples of the big difference grass greening makes:



*Please note that we work strictly within MLS guidelines; we cannot replace dirt with grass or “fix” other issues. Our Green Grass service simply makes seasonally brown grass appear naturally green.

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Cinemagraphs make big moves

Cinemagraphs Demand Attention
Cinemagraphs are moving pictures often used in online advertisements. You’ve probably seen one or two of these on a blog, Facebook, or even in a banner ad — they often make you do a double-take with their surprising, fun effects! By combining the fast loading of a picture file and the motion of a video, futuristic cinemagraphs demand attention everywhere they appear!

Moving Target: stopping the scroll
In today’s fast-paced social media atmosphere, anything new and cutting-edge captures the most attention. Since social media is a primarily visual medium, photos are a must. Videos are great too, but they can be expensive and time-consuming, even for the viewer.

Now, there’s a way to capture the fascinating nature of video and the fast-loading nature of photos. Using selective motion, a cinemagraph draws the viewer deeply into the image, making them think those magic real estate words, “wow” and “I wonder…”

Cinemagraphs have a huge potential beyond just individual listings, too. They make websites and social media pages look stellar, and there’s just no better way to bring the “cool” factor to your brand.

Movie Magic: making it happen
Once you’ve decided to use a cinemagraph to market your listing, our trained videographers will collaborate with you to find the best possible moving image to capture. Clients have had great success using fountains, fireplaces, moving traffic, and more.

After the image and motion are decided, the image and video files for the cinemagraph are captured by our videographer in a single appointment. Cinemagraphs are delivered as .gif files, so they can also be used in most other places that can display a .gif file.
Our cinemagraphs are $99 per image.

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San Antonio: (210) 200-8984
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Seattle: (206) 462-4010

Realistic Virtual Staging is Here

Virtual Staging Gets Professional Results
Just like Professional Real Estate Photography itself, professional staging sells listings faster & for higher prices. Staging makes a big difference in marketing a listing, according to sources like studies on Home Staging by the National Association of Realtors.

Even though it’s a great investment, the cost of professional staging can easily run into the thousands. Vacant homes are especially in need of a warm touch to get dreaming homebuyers through the door. Virtual Staging delivers the bottom-line benefits of a professional staging service at a fraction of the cost!

Will you ever move furniture again?
Virtual Staging is a high-tech solution to the problem of empty, cold-looking houses. Using both furniture from real photographs & digitally rendered furniture, we do the heavy lifting & add charm to otherwise uninviting spaces.

Our clients love using our virtual staging service, because it saves them time & money. Take the headache out of empty listings with a dash of digital furniture! See a few examples of rooms using the sliders below:

Our Virtual Staging is $75 per image — Including specially selected furniture to match any room and style.
We also offer Virtual Staging in a package of 5 images for $350!

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San Antonio: (210) 200-8984
Houston: (346) 980-4800
Austin: (512) 649-9003
Seattle: (206) 462-4010

Twilight Photography: Make the most of the “Magic Hour”

Creating An Inviting Warm Glow
Photos taken an hour before sunset give homes a magic touch

Twilight photography makes the home glow from within, giving it a warm and inviting appeal. High-quality photos and specialized processing give indoor & outdoor lights a dreamy sparkle. There’s no better way to get potential clients dreaming about coming home to your listing!
Compare Twilight & daytime photos with the slider below:

Twilight photography appointments are shot in the evening, usually an hour before the sun sets. Before the photographer arrives, We ask you to turn on all the lights in the house, as well as the outdoor lights along the house (path lights, spot lights, porch lights, and other accent lights). Because it is after hours, we charge an additional $69 for this service.
More photos (click to enlarge):

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San Antonio: (210) 200-8984
Houston: (346) 980-4800
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Seattle: (206) 462-4010

Keepsake Photo Albums Make Lasting Connections

Archival-Quality Albums
An elegant & sentimental closing gift

Our hard-bound Keepsake Album makes a beautiful reminder of your connection with your clients. Full-bleed printing on the 8½” x 11″ hardcover lets Shoot2Sell home photos take center stage for a perfect coffee table book & engaging conversation piece.
Inside, the photos are printed on thick, acid-free archival quality paper. Your name, company logo, and professional headshot can also be included in the front. Blank pages in the front and back leave room for a personal message as well.
Our Keepsake Photo Albums are $69 (shipping included) and are delivered in 1-2 weeks. Shoot2Sell clients can use any of their Shoot2Sell photoshoots within the last year to create a Keepsake Album.
See more photos (Click for large version):

DFW: (214) 272-3200
San Antonio: (210) 200-8984
Houston: (346) 980-4800
Austin: (512) 649-9003
Seattle: (206) 462-4010

Real Estate Marketing Tip: Better Engagement on Facebook

Making your Facebook Page Inform & Entertain
What makes a Facebook Page a great marketing tool? It’s a great opportunity to connect with clients on a personal level, make lasting positive impressions, and keep your name top-of-mind. Follow a few simple guidelines and you can have huge results from Facebook, even without spending on Advertising.

3 Simple Guidelines

Be Authentic. People love selfies, anecdotes, short videos, and the like because it’s honest content. Don’t be afraid to let your personality come out a little, as long as it’s “on-brand”.
Be Informative. Offer people something special, different, or new. Staying on top of trends and sharing articles about them with your own unique take is a great way to keep people’s attention.
Share the love. Don’t forget that social media is about making connections! Stay connected to what matters to you & your clients by taking a few minutes each day to like, comment on, and share posts from your own News Feed. Making sure to capture sharable moments when they happen “IRL” and tag friends later is a great way to keep your social media connections strong.

Examples of Posts
Here are a few posts of ours that have gotten great results and helped us make connections with our clients & get great feedback about our marketing efforts. Make sure to Like our page on Facebook to see our content ideas from the front row!
Example 1: Blog post
This blog post where I joke about “sacrificing my pride” in the headline had a huge impact! I kept the tone of the article light, and gave the readers a bit of my own personality along with some useful info — complete with visuals.

See the post here!

Example 2: Instagram Stories
When Instagram […]

Beauty in the iPhone of the beholder: Real Estate Marketing on Social Media & Mobile

If you’re in Real Estate, you’re in the business of building your own brand!
That means forming a strategy to meet and win clients where they spend the most time: on the mobile-friendly web and social media. These days, it seems like there’s a new social media platform to master every week: Pin this, then Snap that, and don’t forget to Tweet! It can be overwhelming, but lucky for you (and us), there’s one element of Social Media that’s constant across platforms and devices: Awesome pictures.

Social & Mobile: peas in a pod

If you’ve used a smartphone for a even a short while, you know quickly it becomes a part of decision-making. The ubiquity of mobile search isn’t just about “where should we eat tonight?” but also about bigger decisions like “where should we look for a new home?” When people do start looking, you need to fill their tiny screens with gorgeous, larger-than-life images to grab & keep their attention.

In Realtor.org’s recent “Real Estate in a Digital Age” report, researchers found that at least 50% of homebuyers used mobile search in their quest for a new abode. That’s a conservative estimate by some standards; Google’s research points to even higher and ever-increasing numbers: “Clearly, the place to reach home buyers is on mobile.”

We could keep linking you to even more articles about the importance of mobile readiness, but you’re a smart cookie — you get the point. All of this to say that the increase of mobile usage makes high-quality pictures an even bigger priority than it always has been. We’re not even touching on the topic of “video killing the photography star” — at least not in this blog post, but stay tuned!
Emerging from your Social cocoon

Whether or not […]

Try “1,000 words” before losing $1,000

Sell your listing fast, not short!
You’re considering lowering the asking price; it’s normal, understandable, and perhaps it’s the best move. But — have you really done everything that makes financial sense to market the listing? If you can make that home look like a million bucks, you can put price in its place without knocking thousands off.

Professional Real Estate Photography sells properties faster and for higher prices. Easy for us to say! But you don’t have to take our word for it. High quality photography is hands-down the most important tool in the Real Estate Marketing toolbox, according to a wealth of unbiased industry sources like The Wall Street Journal & blog The Market Leader.
The “doggie in the window” effect
When was the last time you had a vivid dream about a wall of text? If you’ve ever looked at buying a property, you know that an image is the first thing that captures your attention when scrolling through pages and pages of potential future homes. You want the chance to show your listing to as many qualified buyers as you can, and stunning imagery maximizes your chances.
A beautiful set of photos inspires curiosity and fantasy, and lets potential buyers think of the home in the best possible light before they even cross the threshold. Far from airy flights of fancy, however, a dreamy vision in the buyer’s mind translates to real-life money in your pocket.

If you’re thinking about lowering the price of your home even a few hundred dollars, think about an investment in marketing the property with professional photography (& the other included digital marketing tools we provide, of course). You could save yourself a bit of heartache, and a lot of well-earned money.

Bring […]

Real Estate isn’t for Babies (or Weddings)

Photography subjects need different treatments:
There’s a big difference between “a professional’s photographs of real estate” and Professional Real Estate Photography. Making spaces look warm & inviting, without cartoonish over-processing, is our dedicated passion.

You might have a great eye for snapping pictures of mom’s smiles at births or dad’s tears at weddings, but architectural photography has a much different set of challenges. Here’s a look at some of the big differences in equipment and shooting style our pros use to deliver powerful photos, every time.

Wide-angle lens comparison
If you want a job well done the first time, having the right equipment is paramount. Check out our previous blog post highlighting the massive difference between smartphone and professional photos of Real Estate.

You (like me) might own a fancy DSLR camera and consider yourself a passable picture-snapper. But there’s still a big gap between what you can do with it, and what our well-equipped pros can accomplish (as our team gently informed me with a “don’t quit your day job” or two).

I sacrificed a bit of my time (& a lot of my pride) to bring you these comparison shots of my Canon DSLR camera using a standard 18-55mm lens, and photos of the same house (from the same angles) shot by a seasoned pro using his 17-40mm Wide Angle lens.
Comparison 1: Earning Curb Appeal
Remember, you might have only 20 seconds or less to make that irreplaceable first impression on potential buyers & potential future clients. Since the first image they’ll see is that all-important curb appeal shot, take a look at how much more impactful the wide-angle shot is (slide your mouse across the image to compare, or use the slider at the bottom if you’re on a smartphone):

The exterior photo taken with the wide-angle lens conveys a […]