Real Estate isn’t for Babies (or Weddings)

Photography subjects need different treatments:

There’s a big difference between “a professional’s photographs of real estate” and Professional Real Estate Photography. Making spaces look warm & inviting, without cartoonish over-processing, is our dedicated passion.

You might have a great eye for snapping pictures of mom’s smiles at births or dad’s tears at weddings, but architectural photography has a much different set of challenges. Here’s a look at some of the big differences in equipment and shooting style our pros use to deliver powerful photos, every time.

Wide-angle lens comparison

If you want a job well done the first time, having the right equipment is paramount.

You (like me) might own a fancy DSLR camera and consider yourself a passable picture-snapper. But there’s still a big gap between what you can do with it, and what our well-equipped pros can accomplish (as our team gently informed me with a “don’t quit your day job” or two).

I sacrificed a bit of my time (& a lot of my pride) to bring you these comparison shots of my Canon DSLR camera using a standard 18-55mm lens, and photos of the same house (from the same angles) shot by a seasoned pro using his 17-40mm Wide Angle lens.

Comparison 1: Earning Curb Appeal

Remember, you might have only 20 seconds or less to make that irreplaceable first impression on potential buyers & potential future clients. Since the first image they’ll see is that all-important curb appeal shot, take a look at how much more impactful the wide-angle shot is (slide your mouse across the image to compare, or use the slider at the bottom if you’re on a smartphone):

The exterior photo taken with the wide-angle lens conveys a more majestic impression of the front of the home, without sacrificing detail. My DSLR shot looks like a zoomed-in version of the professional photo, but it was taken from the same camera position with my lens entirely zoomed out.

Comparison 2: Inviting Curiosity

My DSLR shot of the foyer here is… well, okay, I’m DEFINITELY not quitting my day job! But the real point I want to highlight is how much the pro’s photo with the wide-angle lens inspires so much more curiosity about the space.

The wide-angle, professional photos are like an open invitation to explore the home. The DSLR shots from the same angles looks crowded, boring, and lifeless. In the examples below, I asked our photo processing team to brighten up my DSLR shots, so you can see how big of a difference the lens alone makes:

Comparison 3: Making a Smooth Transition

One of the things our clients rave about is how our photos really give the viewer a sense of “walking through” the space. Our photographers are experts at using “transitional shooting” to create a naturally flowing, practically cinematic set of photos. This effect just isn’t possible with the limited visual info of a standard DSLR lens:

Final comparison: the elusive Giant Shower

The giant shower in this bathroom is probably the best example of how much would be missed by a photographer with “standard” equipment. No matter how I tried, I couldn’t fit the shower into a single picture with my DSLR. The Wide-angle lens photo taken by the real pro actually conveys the beauty & giant-ness of the shower:

Without giving away too much of the secret family recipe, we can say our team of dedicated professional photographers also uses exquisite attention to lighting, camera placement, and room details. This means everything from framing a room at just the right angle to tucking the camera into nooks & crannies an amateur would overlook.

Conclusion: leave it to the pros!

There are many talented photographers across a variety of industries, but there’s a set of skills and equipment unique to architectural photographers. Our real estate photographers have learned the art and science of making every aspect of a house look its absolute best, inside and out.

Thankfully for both you and I, we have day jobs… and I’m guessing yours isn’t photography either. Your time is better spent connecting with your clients and building your brand.

Few things are as impactful as a powerful image. Photographs can leave a lasting impression on the mind of a citizen, a family member… or a homebuyer! We make intense associations with pictures, and the emotionally charged process of home buying is no exception.

Your listing (and your brand!) only have a few precious moments to make a first impression on a potential buyer. When a window of opportunity is that small, it’s best to call the true professionals. Make a second impression happen, by making your listing look like the house of their dreams.

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