Cinemagraphs make big moves

Cinemagraphs Demand Attention

Cinemagraphs are moving pictures often used in online advertisements. You’ve probably seen one or two of these on a blog, Facebook, or even in a banner ad — they often make you do a double-take with their surprising, fun effects! By combining the fast loading of a picture file and the motion of a video, futuristic cinemagraphs demand attention everywhere they appear!

Moving Target: stopping the scroll

In today’s fast-paced social media atmosphere, anything new and cutting-edge captures the most attention. Since social media is a primarily visual medium, photos are a must. Videos are great too, but they can be expensive and time-consuming, even for the viewer.

Cinemagraph of a backyard by Shoot2Sell Real Estate Photography

Now, there’s a way to capture the fascinating nature of video and the fast-loading nature of photos. Using selective motion, a cinemagraph draws the viewer deeply into the image, making them think those magic real estate words, “wow” and “I wonder…”

Cinemagraphs have a huge potential beyond just individual listings, too. They make websites and social media pages look stellar, and there’s just no better way to bring the “cool” factor to your brand.

Movie Magic: making it happen

Once you’ve decided to use a cinemagraph to market your listing, our trained videographers will collaborate with you to find the best possible moving image to capture. Clients have had great success using fountains, fireplaces, moving traffic, and more.

After the image and motion are decided, the image and video files for the cinemagraph are captured by our videographer in a single appointment. Cinemagraphs are delivered as .gif files, so they can also be used in most other places that can display a .gif file.

Our cinemagraphs are $99 per image.

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