Social Media Teaser

Ad-Ready Social Media Teasers

Attention Please!

Short, flashy video clips — Ideal for Social Media

Shorter clips will get the most exposure as advertisements or “boosted” posts, since they fit in more places (like Instagram stories). Very short videos ignite buyer curiosity, turning first impressions into clicks and warming up leads!

Facebook’s advice (which you can read here) is that videos should be 15 seconds or less for the most visibility and engagement: “Video should be as short as it can be, and as long as it needs to be.”

Our Social Media Teasers are 👍-able, share-worthy snippets of your Shoot2Sell photos. Our Teasers are $29.

Social Media Teasers come in three styles, so you can mix it up or pick the one that fits your brand best.
You’ll choose your favorite rooms or features to highlight when you schedule your appointment.

Check out the styles available for our Social Media Teasers here:

Style 1: “Modernity”

Style 2: ” Homestead”

Style 3: “Bespoke”