Try “1,000 words” before losing $1,000

Sell your listing fast, not short!

You’re considering lowering the asking price; it’s normal, understandable, and perhaps it’s the best move. But — have you really done everything that makes financial sense to market the listing? If you can make that home look like a million bucks, you can put price in its place without knocking thousands off.

Try "1,000 words" before losing $1,000

Professional Real Estate Photography sells properties faster and for higher prices. Easy for us to say! But you don’t have to take our word for it. High quality photography is hands-down the most important tool in the Real Estate Marketing toolbox, according to a wealth of unbiased industry sources like The Wall Street Journal & blog The Market Leader.

The “doggie in the window” effect

Try "1,000 words" before losing $1,000 Try "1,000 words" before losing $1,000

When was the last time you had a vivid dream about a wall of text? If you’ve ever looked at buying a property, you know that an image is the first thing that captures your attention when scrolling through pages and pages of potential future homes. You want the chance to show your listing to as many qualified buyers as you can, and stunning imagery maximizes your chances.

A beautiful set of photos inspires curiosity and fantasy, and lets potential buyers think of the home in the best possible light before they even cross the threshold. Far from airy flights of fancy, however, a dreamy vision in the buyer’s mind translates to real-life money in your pocket.

Try "1,000 words" before losing $1,000

If you’re thinking about lowering the price of your home even a few hundred dollars, think about an investment in marketing the property with professional photography (& the other included digital marketing tools we provide, of course). You could save yourself a bit of heartache, and a lot of well-earned money.

Bring your investment home

Selling a home is a complex and emotional process, and so is buying one. From curb appeal and presentation to finding a reliable, talented agent to represent you, it’s important to take the right step at every stage and maximize the return on your investment.

Fortunately, professional photography is the single most cost-effective marketing tool, and using Shoot2Sell makes it the easiest one as well. You have nothing to lose by investing a fraction of your home’s value in magazine-quality photography. Don’t sell your listing short, sell it high and fast by letting us give it the movie-star treatment it deserves!

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