Twilight Photography: Make the most of the “Magic Hour”

Creating An Inviting Warm Glow

Photos taken an hour before sunset give homes a magic touch

Twilight photography makes the home glow from within, giving it a warm and inviting appeal. High-quality photos and specialized processingĀ give indoor & outdoor lights a dreamy sparkle. There’s no better way to get potential clients dreaming about coming home to your listing!

Compare Twilight & daytime photos with the slider below:

Twilight photography appointments are shot in the evening, usually an hour before theĀ sun sets. Before the photographer arrives, We ask you to turn on all the lights in the house, as well as the outdoor lights along the house (path lights, spot lights, porch lights, and other accent lights). Because it is after hours, we charge an additional $69 for this service.

More photos (click to enlarge):

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