(April Fools 2017) Virtual Vacations: A Photographic Getaway!

Shoot2Sell Announces Virtual Vacations

Get an exotic photographic experience with zero travel!

It’s no secret that half or more of workers in the United States don’t even take advantage of their hard-earned vacation time. Not only can this lead to burnout and poor work performance, but it also means they’ve missed one of the most important parts of a vacation: the awesome photos!

Shoot2Sell Virtual Vacation - Agent in an office

Let’s face it. There’s nothing Instagrammable about this.

Shoot2Sell is happy to announce the solution: Virtual Vacations™* We combine real photos of you with popular vacation spots around the world, delivering the full photo experience of a vacation without ever leaving your office.

Shoot2Sell Virtual Vacation - Agent on Vacation (Fishing)

Now this agent knows how to relax! Impressive work-life balance.


*Please note, Virtual Vacations are not suitable for MLS.

Enhance your Virtual Vacation & get a shareable slideshow!

Take your digital getaway to the next level with our extra enhancements: add real exotic animals, relaxing vacation wear, and more:

Shoot2Sell Virtual Vacation - Ski Resort

“All” the fun with no risk of injury!


Shoot2Sell Virtual Vacation - Beach Getaway

Traveling & trying new things has never been easier!


Just like with our photoshoots, you’ll get a free, easily shareable, social media-friendly slideshow with every Virtual Vacation! Your friends and family will love it! Click on the image below to see an example:

Shoot2Sell Virtual Tour - Included Slideshow (Screenshot)

Click to see our easily-shareable Virtual Tour!


There’s no substitute for the real thing…

April Fools! Just like an amazing destination or shopping for a new home, there’s no substitute to being there in person. We invite more buyers through your doors with stunning pictures, so you can do what you do best.
Our compelling photos & videos might not take you on vacation, but they will move your listings faster. Give us a call, and by the way — take that vacation, you deserve it!

Shoot2Sell Real Estate Photography - A House at Twilight

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